DIY poetic clay art

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It's always good vibes to decorate with an inspirational quote, but I wanted to think beyond the printed (on paper) word for this DIY Poetic Clay Art. I love Plaster Of Paris for its old world texture, it reminds me of something you'd find in an Itallian villa or something. You can obviously use any quote, poem, saying for this project - just make sure you plot out the size first so you don't run out of room on your canvas. I chose a quote from Elizabeth Edwards which I love: "She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails."

I love the serenity and texture of this artwork. Use a DIY like this in any room in your house, over a mantle, in a dining room, etc!

plasterquote-2 Prep It:







clay-art-5 DO IT!:
  1. Mix your plaster of paris according to the instructions on the package - usually 2 parts powder to 1 part water
  2. Smooth out the plaster all over the canvas and use the spatula to get your desired sculpted effect - I chose to leave imperfections in the texture for a very organic look. Kind of like frosting a cake!
  3. Write your poem or quote into the wet plaster using a utensil like the handle of the spatula or an unsharpened pencil. Tip: Make sure your letters are deep enough to read.
  4. Allow the plaster to harden completely.
  5. Optional: To make your letters and texture stand out more, mix your watercolor paint with water and apply it to the relief using your wet rag to wipe off any excess. Make sure your color is really watered down so it doesn't stand out too much and work quickly to wipe off the excess before it dries.
  6. Let dry and hang up using a strong nail or screw or simply prop it on a hutch or mantle!



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