DIY spike headband

a while back i posted this DIY on how to make my spike headband, fondly called my 'devil horns.' i decided to finally make a DIY video for these buggers because i get so many compliments every time i wear mine and they're so easy to make! plus, spikes are hot right now! like these on the Balmain runway or these Sam Edelman shoes

disclaimer: sorry the fast motion is a little blurry, that's how it uploaded to YouTube look away if you get sea-sick ; )

what you need:

  • drugstore headband $3 to $5 - if you can find one already covered in a fabric you like, than it cuts your DIY in half! i found a headband with a handy space on either side so i didn't have to poke holes in the plastc
  • fabric - enough to cover headband
  • spikes (and studs if you want) from $8.99 for a pack of 20 medium spikes
  • dart awl - or sharp instrument to poke holes
  • scissors
  • glue gun
do it:
  1. glue fabric to the top of your headband, leaving the underside exposed
  2. poke holes in your fabric (and your headband if it doesn't have spaces)
  3. put the screw backs of the spikes through the holes and screw the spikes in place
  4. cover the backs of the spikes and the rest of the headband by wrapping the fabric around and gluing in place
  5. for some extra detail, cut a new strip of your fabric and hem the edges with your glue gun
  6. glue one end of the strip to one end of your headband and wrap the length up and around your headband ending at the other end. glue in place as you go and finish with more glue
done! now just be careful to not head-butt anyone - or do, if it's in self-defense!

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