DIY stenciled pop art blazer


I've had this hunter green blazer in my closet for about two years and had worn in a lot so I was ready for an update and decided to do a little DIY inspired by 1960's pop art. I found this stencil at the craft store and the daisy pattern reminded me of a mod print. I purposfully only used white ink and got a little sloppy with it so it would have that Andy Warhol vibe. I love it and now me and my old green blazer are trail BLAZing the streets!

Watch the video tutorial above and see more pics below. Comment if you have any questions and I'd love to know if you try this project!


Prep It:



stenciled-blazer-4xxstenciled-blazer-14_x stenciled-blazer-12x


  1. Lay your blazer on a paint safe surface and pour some paint in a paper plate.
  2. Place the stencil where you want the design and use the foam spouncer in a virtical blotting motion over the stencil, depositing the paint in the negative space areas onto the fabric below. Note: if you want a cleaner less pop art look than I did you should tape off the area you want stenciled or just go much more slow and deliberate with your painting. I just went crazy!
  3. Contine step 2 until you have your whole back and arms of the blazer covered and let dry.
  4. Turn over and repeat on the front of your blazer - I chose to just do the lapels and pockets on the front.
  5. Let dry and pop art your butt to a fun partay!


stenciled-blazer-11x stenciled-blazer-9x stenciled-blazer-13x


Hope you like! Comment below and let me know what you think! Happy Sprrrrinnnng.

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