DIY Under $15 Macrame

Here's the thing about macrame — though it is inherently DIY-able, the complex yet bohemian look of it is enough to make it seem like an expensive piece of art! Just look on Etsy and you'll see macrame wall hangings listed for $75 easily!

With this tutorial, you only need to learn one type of knot and spend $15 to have a totally unique and spectacular macrame wall hanging in your home! I used a stick to weave mine on for an inexpensive and rustic approach, but if you'd like something a little more polished, a dowel works perfectly!

Prep It:

Branch 3 skeins yard Scissors

Do It!:

  1. Cut long pieces of yarn (twice the length you want it to hang on the branch) and drape them over the branch in the color pattern you'd like your macrame to be in.
  2. Make sure to have an even amount of pieces of yarn!
  3. Once you've set up all the yarn on your branch, lay the entire thing down on a table or similarly large flat surface and start to weave.
  4. Starting from one side, make a box knot (see step 5 for box knot instructions) and continue across the entire row of yarn, making box knots the entire way.
  5. To make a box knot, take 4 pieces of yarn and pull the leftmost piece out and over the other three, making a 4 shape. Then take the rightmost piece, loop up the tail, and pull that loop over the leftmost 4, then under the two middle pieces. Pull out the tail, tighten, and voila! Box knot!
  6. For the second row of your macrame, pull the outermost two pieces on each side to the side and don't include them. Make box knots across the rest of the row.
  7. Continue in this pattern, reducing the amount of strings you knot to create a triangular macrame. Keep going until you've made a perfect triangle or you decide you like the look of it!
  8. Hang your macrame on the wall and use a pair of scissors to trim the bottom to make it even!

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