DIY Vintage Trunk Planter

I've had this vintage trunk, a gift from my family, around my house for years, just trying to find the perfect place for it. Once we finished the backyard, I realized I could add it to my "unconventional planters" club (other members: a mug, some pinatas, and a stump of a bush) and give it a whole new life as the home to some baby greens!

This DIY works for trunks or similarly-shaped items of any size! Really, what can't you upcycle into a planter? The possibilities are endless!

Prep It:

Trunk Vinyl sheeting Potting soil Gravel Plants (I used succulents and oleander) Moss Decorative details White stones

Do It!:

  1. This trunk had an upper shelf, which I fashioned into the planter, but if your trunk does not, I would suggest filling the lower 2/3rds of it with boxes or something flat and inexpensive.
  2. Line the area that will become the planter with vinyl sheeting, cutting it down to size to cover the bottom and about halfway up the sides.
  3. Place the cut vinyl into the planter area and start to fill with soil. Make sure to layer some gravel or stones in your soil for drainage purposes!
  4. Plant your greens and fill the up the rest of the planter with soil. Cover the top of the soil with moss and little white stones for a decorative touch!
  5. I had a second area of my trunk that I filled with a decorative bird figurine, so add in any decor touches like this to your planter as desired.
  6. Water and watch your plants grow!

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