BEACHella: DIY rose crown and festival fort

Last year was all about embracing the festivities in one's home at COUCHella and this year we bring you BEACHella! If you're not at Coachella (like me), don't cry fringe tears, you can create your own chella anywhere! Check out the video above to see my fun romp at my DIY Beachella where I made a black rose crown and erected a boho/festival tent and had to tell a satchel to the video and you'll know what I'm talking about. Shake your chella!

Prep It:
  • headband
  • bunch of silk/faux flowers - from the craft store
  • glue gun

  1. Pull or cut the flowers off the plastic stems
  2. Glue them in place along your headband - tip: have them all face one direction so when you place it on your head they're facing forward as opposed to up. You can cover up the back by gluing some leaves over the underside of the flowers.
  3. Rock on with your festival crown!
DIY festival fort/tent! Prep It:
  • Magic carpet - I got this vintage one at the flea market and it usually lives in our office.
  • 3 to 4 sticks for your poles - we raided them off the side of the road for this DIY Stick Chair and of course, I kept them for this such scenario! Ya never know when you need a good stick!...that's what she said.
  • Coziness and character provided by faux sheepskin, a pillow, old skeleton keys, etc.
  • Large piece of lace or sheer fabric for your sun filter/shade
  • Carry your boho tent supplies down to the beach or nature area...careful not to dirty your white lace top on your extremely dirty car that you never wash.
  • Tell your satchel to behave
  • Pick a nice spot to build your tent

  • Dig your sticks into the sand or ground
  • Sometimes you gotta get your whole body into it

  • Repeat with the next two or 3 sticks in a triangle or square shape - measure your piece of lace or shade fabric before you place your sticks so it will reach all the way across with enough slack to secure
  • Pause to see how pretty your lace looks flapping in the wind
  • If necessary, have your burly boyfriend help you get the sticks secured in the sand. Then tell him that he's doing it wrong.
  • Lay your lace or sheer fabric over the top of your sticks creating the top of your canopy
  • Lay down your rug
  • Add some more padding (faux sheepskin) and some character (giant keys)
  • Ew. Sand
  • Unlock your relaxing festival fort!

  • Think happy thoughts

  • Dance a happy dance to the music in your head, or on your ipod, or your boombox...however you roll!

(Karen Kane crochet top, Forever 21 shorts, Urban Outfitters bra, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Mr. Kate bracelets and Starburst necklace)

So fun! How are you going to chella?!

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