holiday DIY #11: gifts for pets and kids

these are fun DIYs to do regardless of the holidays! this is DIY #11 of Mr. Kate's 12 DIYs of Chrismahanukkahkwanzaasolstice with gifts for kids and pets! both simple, inexpensive and fun.

Mustache Hand Mirror

What You Need (boys):

  • hand mirror
  • duct tape
  • faux fur or furry mustache sticker
  • hot glue gun
What You Need (girls):
  • hand mirror
  • decorative elements i.e. fake flowers, ribbon, gems, beads, lace, etc.
  • faux fur or pink mustache stickers
  • hot glue gun
Do It:
  1. decorate the back and handle of your hand mirror with your duct tape or decorative elements.
  2. cut out a mustache shape from your faux fur or simply stick on a mustache sticker in the middle of the mirror.
Furry Water Bottle Toy (dogs): What You Need:
  • faux fur
  • needle and thread or fabric glue in glue gun
  • empty plastic water bottle
  • kibble (optional for more shaker effect)
  • tab of velcro
Do It:
  1. cut two pieces of faux fur large enough to make a tube around your water bottle with ample room to sew or glue sides.
  2. sew or fabric glue the two long sides and one short side of your tube.
  3. glue or stitch velcro tab to the open short side
  4. insert the water bottle (with our without kibble) and velcro to secure.
Furry Catnip Sachet (cats); What You Need:
  • faux fur
  • dried catnip
  • twine
  • needle and thread
Do It:
  1. cut a round piece of faux fur and sprinkle some catnip in the center
  2. gather all the sides of the fur around the catnip filling and wrap a piece of twine around to cinch it closed. tie in a knot to seal.
  3. add a twine tail by securely stitching the twine to the faux fur.

check out more holiday DIY videos here!

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