horns of freyr

yes, i have an obvious obsession with spiky headband type things lately... it all started when i saw this Jennifer Behr spiky headband for $475 and i thought "i could seriously DIY this" thus, i seriously did. so here is my version, which i rushed to finish (and probably could have done a more thorough, and less sloppy job but i was too excited to don my horns) and i would say it cost a total of $5, if that. i'm not sure only because the headband is really old and i have no idea where it came from, or where i got it, or how much it was originally. but all the spikes are really cheap from studsandspikes.com, which evidently is my new shop away from home, er, shop.

DIY for the Horns of Freyr headband (Freyer is the Norse God of fertility...see I really am celebrating Lupercalia!)

what you need: - wide headband (probably from drug store or beauty supply store in a fabric you fancy), thread (in the color of the headband), spikes and studs (of your choosing, but make sure you have a couple big ones for the horns), something sharp (to poke the holes through the plastic part of the headband and also through the fabric), flathead screwdriver (to press down prongs of studs).

what to doodee: - use the thread to sew or wrap the headband in a spot or spots to create a ruching effect, if it's not already ruched in places (optional step). - use the sharp instrument to poke holes through the cloth and the plastic headband and make them large enough to then screw on your large horn spikes. - then use the sharp instrument (if needed) to poke holes in the fabric for the randomly placed/different sized studs, flatten the prongs down with the flat-head screwdriver. and...done-zo!

please let me know if you find any better ways or studding or want to share photos of your DIY projects!

clothes: DIY headband, Draped Rebecca Jacket (obsessed! it was on back-order and i had to have it because i have an addiction to slouchy "vagabond" jackets), Topshop petite skinny jeans, steve madden wedge moccasin boots, american apparel white slouchy tee, urban purse, Mr. Kate screw you necklace in 14k yellow gold.

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