DIY non-denominational holiday nail art

When you have so many fingers, Why Not represent as many different winter holiday traditions as possible?! That's what I set out to do with this manicure and thus I'm calling it, DIY Non-Denominational Nail Art!

Watch the video above to see DIYs for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and Atheist… I know there is probably more but I only have five fingers! Well, I have ten, but I wanted my hands to match!

Prep it:

  1. Paint your base colors, I chose blue for Hanukkah, white for Christmas and Atheist, yellow for Winter Solstice and green and red for Kwanza - let dry
  2. Winter white-out (Atheist) nail: paint another coat of white polish and sprinkle flocking powder over the wet polish. Press the flocking into the polish with your finger and let dry. Brush or blow off the excess when the nail is fully dry.
  3. Hanukkah nail: use a thin nail art brush in white polish to make the menorah candle stem, base and horse-shoe shaped candle holders. Top off with tear drop shaped gems to look like candle flames. Use nail glue to hold the gems in place and use your tweezers for easy application.
  4. Christmas nail: I chose to do Rudolph using my striper (thin/long) nail art brush in a taupe color to make his head, ears and antlers. I gave him a red nose using a mini pom pom attached with nail glue.
  5. Kwanza nail: to symbolize the red, green and one black candle, I painted a black stripe down the center of my nail where the red and green base coat meet. I topped off the tip of my nail with a gold studs to look like a candle flame.
  6. Winter Solstice nail: to symbolize the celebration of light, I used nail glue to attach a piece of foil to the center of my nail then I added gold studs and a rhinestone for more sparkle.

How do you non-denominational nail?

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