DIY pom pom ponytail accessory

I will be the first to acknowledge that this DIY is very whimsical. I'm definitely calling upon my Waldorf school roots (more on what that means here) with this one. I got totally inspired by the hair at the recent Mara Hoffman show to create this bohemian, fairy-like pom pom hair accessory… I also think it would be cute tied on a purse. However, if you're partial to a less disheveled look, you could refine your pom pom accessory by making it smaller for a little pop of pom pom and actually brushing your hair, which I obviously didn't do. Wear your pom pom accessory to dress up a messy ponytail, to a party, back to school or anywhere you want to shake it till you pom pom!

Prep it:
  • scissors
  • linen fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • pom poms in various sized from the craft store
  1. cut a small slit in the linen fabric as wide as you want your main strip (this will be the one that you can tie the smaller strips to) and rip the slit to create a torn edge. Repeat this to create your thinner strips.
  2. glue on your pom poms using the glue gun. Create a cluster of pom pom's on both sides of the fabric strip toward the bottom of one end. You can glue all one size or have varying sizes depending on the look you want.
  3. repeat this on other small strips or more wide strips etc. and then tie them all together in whatever arrangement you like. We did three separate clusters of pom pom strips along the thicker strip. Just make sure you leave room at the top with to tie around your ponytail.
  4. make a ponytail and tie your pom pom accessory around the elastic. You may want to fasten it around your ponytail again, lower down the length, I used a clear rubber band on mine!

The Deets:

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