tonight, i asked my friend Ali what i should blog about. she said she wanted to see old photos of me, she said specifically "i want to see some teenage Kate!" so here they are Ali! i scrounged around and found some teenage, as well as some tweenage, photos of me that i thought were amusing. the one above i think my friend Kim took of me when i was 15 or 16...the date on the photo is wrong.

me and my friend Kim Ovitz on a boat in the Mediterranean, again age 15 or 16

my crazy hand-painted 13 year-old birthday cake. me playing the alto saxophone (which i sucked at and played for 2 years in school) at a recital..probably 11 or 12.

practicing the violin (which again, i wasn't very good at) in my room... hey, love those boots! around age 9

told you i dressed like a drag queen! that's how i would dress daily. probably 14 in the black and same in the green wig in Ireland. i wore that green wig to my 8th grade graduation.

my days with a pixie cut. summer debauchery, age 17

probably age 12 ish with my sis in Maine at my Gampa's country place. we caught a frog. i guess i only wore baseball hats if they had sequins. proof i've always been into weird colored nail polish colors and big rings...annnd i think that's a silver cell phone charm on my necklace...ha, haven't changed much, now it's cereal!

summer in Telluride Colorado. age 15. i always wore my hair like that and yes, i'm wearing a bandana as a top and have a bindi as a chest ornament. my friend Spencer is vamping in the background.

i've always been a cat person, i love dogs too but here i am at probably age 11, in the morning (hence the bed-head) with my old siamese cat Picardie on a leash! other photo is of me at 12 with a broken arm. i broke it falling off my sister's pony. i'm in an inflated jumpy thing at my sister's birthday party...watching, not jumping!

i used to competitively show jump. my whole family did it while i was in high school. i did well in my division, here i am (age 16) getting my Grand Champion ribbon from some dude with my horse Shorty (his show name was Short Story... isn't that cute!). above i'm jumping Shorty during a competition...which i probably won, yup, that's right. but seriously i wasn't that competitive and my favorite part of the shows was changing out of my polyester uniform of britches, coat, boots and high-collard shirt and into my crazy outfit choice of the day...hence the pink snakeskin vinyl pants...oh boy!

hope all those were amusing!

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