shake it like a penis straw

this was the longest break in posting i've taken in a while, i'm sorry! i was in Las Vegas where everything is pricey, including internet. but i'm back and here are photos from this past weekend's festivities. it was my dear friend and muse Rachel's Bachelorette Party!!! it was a joint bachelorette party with her good college friend Michelle. there were 18 girls total and we stayed at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay.

we laughed, we drank (from penis straws), we gambled (i didn't my roomie and buddy Danielle did, blackjack is her game), we laid out in the desert sun, we went to a male review (which was completely traumatizing. i have a hard time watching anyone objectified, even if they are creepy greasy orange men), we gave dirty presents (i gave Rachel the Shake Weight with an "augmented " card. if you haven't seen this kooky contraption in action you have to! watch it here), we did the ring trick, and it was all quite an experience and i'm so happy for Rachel and i'm so excited for her wedding!

the RING TRICK was taught to me by Joey's sister Jennifer. it's supposed to tell you at what age you are going to get engaged or married and another part of it tells you what sex your children are going to be. it's magical energy stuff and is definitely fun to do in a group of girls. i don't really want to get married (a story for another time) but non-the-less this trick works on me and reacts at a certain age, it also says i'm supposed to have boys...hmmm. here's how you do it:

- use a ring that you wear often, you can use a friend's ring but it's better if it's one that has soaked up your energy. a band ring works the best, rather than one with a stone.

- pull out a piece of your hair (hopefully it's long enough) and loop it through the ring and hold onto the ends of the hair so the ring is dangling with about 2 or more inches of length. (see the 4th picture from the bottom of Danielle doing it with one of my twig rings)

- open up your other hand (the one not holding the ring) and hold it flat beneath the dangling ring in the other hand.

- pump the ring in the air up and down over your palm counting aloud from zero up to the desired age. don't touch your hand when you come down (the lowest point should be about 1/2 inch above your palm). do it slowly so you can keep track of your counting and have accurate pumps. ex: if you want to see if you are going to get married at age 24, pump the ring up and down over your palm 24 times and then stop when you reach 24 just about 1/2 inch above your palm, still not touching it, and wait to see what the ring does.

- if after you stop pumping on the 24th pump (or whatever number you want to check) the ring starts to SWING AROUND IN A CIRCLE over your palm, this is supposedly your magic number. it's a big swing too, not just some spinning action, like an actual energy force propelling the ring around in a circle above your palm without you using centrifical force, it's like magic! if the ring does NOT move after you've stopped on the final number, than this is not your magical number and you have to start over from zero and count up to the next number you want to check. it can be tedious but it's so crazy when one number finally works!

- to see if you will have children and what sex they will be, hold the ring on the hair over the inside of your wrist (right where it meets your hand) and wait and see if and what direction it swings. if it doesn't swing, supposedly no children, if it swings from right to left (side to side) you will have boys, if it swings from front to back, you will have girls and if it goes diagonal or in a circle, then you will have both. spooky cool!

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