Blogger Brunch Celebrating A Hot Glue Gun Mess

How cool is this!? I was very honored to host an intimate brunch for 25 bloggers at One Colorado to celebrate the debut of A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects. Check out this Instagram's tags to see who all was there! The ladis of No Subject set up a Moroccan style brunch with coffee tables on gorgeous rugs. The spread featured a tower of California Donuts - the most insane donuts ever... Lucky Charms?! And cheese and pastries galore.
A special thanks to Finn + Willow for setting up an awesome apparel display, Club W for the rosé, Archive Rentals for the gorgeous furniture, Blue Bottle Coffee, Smári Organic Icelandic Yogurt, Fleur De Rye, & Cali Water for deliciousness.
Monica Wang did an AMAZING job photographing the event, take a look:
MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-2 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-3 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-4 \ MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-6 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-9
MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-10 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-12 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-13
MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-21 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-19 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-22 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-23 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-26 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-29 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-31 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-32 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-33 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-34 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-35 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-36 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-37 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-38
MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-39 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-40 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-41 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-42
MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-45MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-43MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-46 MrKate_AHGGMBrunch-47
Get your copy of A Hot Glue Gun Mess!...
Follow all these rad ladies by clicking on the tags in this instagram!

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