how to arm party: 4 ways to deck your wrist

MrKate_Arm_Party-10feature Jackie Asks: Hey, Mr.Kate! How are you? It seems as though I've been living under a rock while everyone has been perfecting their arm parties. I wanted to ask you what do you think are the bracelet essentials to an extravagant arm party? My Answer: Hi Jackie! I'm great and I hope you are too! I love this question because I personally partake in the arm party daily. For those of you that aren't sure what I'm talking about, an 'arm party' is basically a stack of bracelets on one wrist creating a happening style moment aka a party! I put together a photo example below of 4 different arm parties you can throw: The Dainty, The Classy, The Playful and The Rager. Of course, I used all Mr. Kate bracelets and cuffs but you can take these tips and apply them to your personal bracelet collection. Party on dudes!

For inspo on layering rings, check out Styling: Multiple Rings

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  • The Dainty arm party: Pair delicate cuffs with one text cuff, two chain and/or beaded bracelets. The resulting party is delicate and easy to wear daily even to work of if you're into a more delicate look. Feel free to mix your metals and add color with the beaded bracelet in this type of party. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -

  • The Classy arm party: Create a classic looking arm party by pairing like metal tones (in this case I did yellow gold). Balance two statement cuffs by adding a rhinestone or crystal bracelet or cuff in between. Wear this kind of arm party to dress up any look. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -

  • The Playful arm party: Arm parties, just like actual parties, should be fun! For a playful bracelet pairing choose quirky cuffs in a variety of sizes and metal colors. Wear a party like this to add an element of whimsy to any casual look. I like a playful party to add personality to a simple jeans and tee outfit. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -

  • The Rager arm party: And last, but not least, the Rager! This is an all out bash, the biggest and best arm party you could ever throw! Pair statment making metal cuffs with thinner rhinestone or crystal cuffs, a text cuff and beaded and/or chain bracelets. Experiment with mixing metals and wearing some cuffs upside down, like I did with the third Treasure cuff so the opening is on top of your wrist. Wear a Rager when you want to make a statement with any outfit from casual to going-out-on-the-town. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -

I hope these 4 arm parties help inspire you to throw your own fabulous, wrist shindig! xo

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