Breaking Beige: Beautiful Beachy Family Room (PART 1)

How cute is the Scribner family!? Hilary, Zach and baby Emilia live in an early twentieth century house with a combo living and dining room that needs some Breaking Beige love! Zach works as a football coach and janitor at a school and Hilary is a stay-at-home mom to baby Emilia as well as an aspiring chef. The Scribners host foreign exchange students in their large house but the family room is the one place they keep as a private area for their family to enjoy so we want it to be beautiful and inviting! Stay tuned for part 2 to see the finished space!

The design plan: give the Scribners a beautiful beachy family room by clearing out some of the clutter (they have too many pieces of furniture in the room) and establishing a color palette to tie both sides of the room together.

Walls and stripes: One wall in the living room has wood paneling so we used the seams in the panels as the lines to paint three tone stripes. We used BEHR Premium Plus Ultra in matte. The white base color: Crystal Cut, Pale blue color and rest of the walls color: Journey's End and pale blue/green stripe color.

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The Before photos, a lot of clutter and BEIGE going on:


Viola! Stay tuned to see the finished room!

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