Blood Orange and Thyme Sparkler

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Spring's arrival brings with it the blossoming of other beautiful things — flowers, sundresses, and, most importantly: brunch. As the sunshine makes more frequent appearances and the sidewalk bodegas refill to the brim with their eager regulars, it becomes imperative to plan the best menu for your inaugural brunch meal. And what is a menu, or even a meal really, without the perfect cocktail?

Brunch has always been a mimosa game, but this spring, I say lets *refresh* that routine and introduce some other, equally delicious flavors into the mix. This Blood Orange and Thyme Sparkler mixes the unique citrus and herb taste with a lively influence of grapefruit. It's beautiful to look at (especially when bundled in twine-tied mason jars!) and one of the best DIY cocktails I've ever tasted. 5 out of 5 stars, from cocktail critic Kate!

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Prep It:

Vodka Ice Pink grapefruit Italian soda Sparkling water Sliced blood orange Fresh thyme

Do It!:

  1. Start by pouring 1 shot of vodka into your chosen glass, over ice. Stir the alcohol and ice together to make sure your drink has a nice, chilled base, and the flavor of the vodka is fully incorporated and infused within the drink.
  2. Now, pour equal parts grapefruit soda and sparkling water into the glass. Stir it all together!
  3. Cut a branch of fresh thyme and stir into the cocktail, infusing it gently with the other flavors. Top the drink with a slice of blood orange, slip in a straw, and it's ready to serve!
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