DIY Crescent Moon Window Medallion


Forget the man on the moon, it's all about the Manny and his many moons! When we decorated Manny Mua's living room and office for OMG We're Coming Over, it was important to incorporate his signature crescent moon into the design.

Hmmm, if only I had a DIY for that! Oh wait, I do!! Taking inspiration from the DIY Phases of the Moon Pendant, I created this big, bedazzled moon pendant to hang in his window!

Now, whether it's a cloudy or clear night, there will always be a moon shining! Check out the steps for the DIY below!


Prep It:

Brushed silver metal sheet Metal cutting snips Sandpaper Flatback gems Hot glue gun Metal hole punch Thin wire Marker


Do It!:

  1. Using something circular to trace, or free-handing your own shape, draw a moon onto the sheet metal with the marker. Then use the metal cutting snips to cut it out. Depending on the size of your window you can adjust the size of the crescent moon, but for Manny's we made one that was about 1'x2' big.
  2. For that ever-so-chic brushed metal look, sand the sheet metal in small circular motions. To further polish your moon, sand around the edges to get rid of any sharp points or serrated texture from the snips. Nothing but baby smooth for this big moon!
  3. Heat up your glue gun and make your moon a masterpiece with flatback rhinestones along the inner edge. Since both sides of the pendant will be visible, hot glue rhinestones to both sides!
  4. Use a metal hole punch or power drill to make a hole in the top of the moon, then thread wire through to hang!

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