DIY Custom Palm Reading Art


It's been a few decades since the saying "talk to the hand" was popular ... nowadays, it's the hands that are doing most of the talking!

When decorating Manny Mua's mystical glam living room for OMG We're Coming Over, it was a great opportunity to bring some mysticism into play with good old fashioned palm reading! But instead of just telling Manny his fortune, I drew it out for him and he filled in the words!

This Palm Reading art is a great project for parties or girls' nights — you can read each other's palms and all leave with personalized wall art! I don't need to be really psychic to know how fun that would be!

Prep It:

Watercolor paper Pencil Pens Watercolors Paintbrushes Google (to decipher the palm!) Picture frame


Do It!:

  1. Using your own hand to trace, or just for reference, sketch out a hand shape in pencil. I was sketching Manny's hand, so I made it a little bigger than my pequeno person hands! When you have the hand shape you like, trace over the shape with pen to get a nice dark, permanent line.
  2. Paint a background for the hand in watercolors. I wanted mine to hand an aged, vintage feeling, so I used yellow and taupe tones. Almost like a tea-stained look!
  3. When your base hand drawing and painting is finished, you're ready to customize it! Get together with the person whose hand you are portraying, and sketch out some of the main creases and lines specific to their hand. Use Google (or your own extensive knowledge of hand lines, if you happen to be a mystical pro) to determine what these different features mean and label the features on your art! The exciting thing about this project is that each person will have a completely different finished piece, because it will be as unique as your hand, which is as unique as ... you!
  4. Frame your art, hang it, and proudly display your hand fortune to the world!
manny_hand4manny_hand5 diy_mannymano2-1

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