have you ever braided rings into your hair? i hadn't, until today! just in a pirate kind of mood i guess....

rainy, gloomy day today but i loved it! it's way easier to fall into a gloomy day when it's a sunday. just felt right. went and saw Jack Goes Boating with Joey and one of my besties Jonathan. it was fairly depressing/interesting/self-indulgent, as Jonathon put it, "very indy." Phillip Seymour Hoffman is an amazing actor although, i can never get past the memory of him in Happiness...have y'all seen it? sick and twisted and really stinkin' good.

DIY: braid of the rings

you'll need: 1. various favorite rings. (preferably seamless and lightweight, i used 3 of my Mr. Kate Twig Stack Rings) 2. hair elastic

you'll need to do: - use about a 1/2" to 3/4" thick chunk of hair and start braiding. - about halfway down (or where ever you'd like) take a ring and put it around one of the 3 pieces of hair your using to braid. - push the ring up as far as it will go to meet the already braided part, then secure it by continuing to braid down around it. - braid down another inch and repeat with another ring. - repeat as you'd like and finish/seal the braid with a rubber band (i like these clear tiny ones). arrrg!

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