foreva scarlet

yesterday i went to the drugstore and got a red lipstick. i've been wanting to try one of those long lasting color lipsticks because i love to wear red lipstick but it's a hassle to re-apply and eat with blah blah. i usually try to stay away from non-natural cosmetics that use all sorts of crazy ingredients and synthetic this post for more on that topic. but that being said, i knew there wouldn't be any natural alternatives for colorstay lipstick, so i took the plunge and bought some, figuring i'd only wear it once in a while so the chemicals can't leech into my body everrry day.

i bought Revlon ColorStay Overtime in Forever Scarlet, and let me tell you, it STAYS! so much so, i couldn't get it off! like scary! i was scrubbing with soap and body oil and what have you, because i didn't have any make-up remover. i was about to hit the sack with my still-in-tact rouge pout when i remembered that i had a jar of Aquaphor buried in my bathroom cabinet (other nasty stuff, stay away from petrolatum if you can, it's an icky carcinogen and in so many here.) so yeah, i slathered on some motor oil, aka Aquaphor and voila, the alien cling lipstick came off!

moral of the story: it's a great stay-put lip color as long as you don't wear it too often and have make-up remover close at hand for when you want out.

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