Design Showcase: Minimalist, Thrift-Store-Found Living Room

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Every room comes with a mood, and this welcoming, minimalist (still in process) Santa Monica bungalow living room of our very own Sofia (aka @feelingfree), is the design equivalent of a fresh, cool breeze on a warm summer day. It's just so relaxing and refreshing! The mostly white color palette lets her substitute in different accents (like thrift store art that she frequently switches around...because she is an aesthetically obsessed human bean, just like me, and can never stop!), while still having well-designed base to anchor any temporary touches or decisions.

If you've ever shied away from white in your interior design process, or felt antagonized by your home's all white walls, hopefully this space, and some corresponding design tips, will have you reconsidering that stance!

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Tip 1: Layer with shades of almost-white

You might not have even realized from this photo, but this tray is actually the lightest possible shade of pink! The sofa, also, isn't true white, it's a very pastel shade of gray! When you're working with a minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetic, you don't need to adhere strictly to having every piece be starkly, clinically white. Layering in subtle differences in shades (also works for textures!) lends the space depth and interest, and is also ultimately more welcoming than the fear of being the person who might stain the stark white!

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Tip 2: Subvert traditional "living room" expectations

Using a chaise-like daybed, complete with layered pillows, a tray, and side tables may make this room seem initially more like a bedroom than a living room, but part of Sofia's design philosophy is creating spaces where people always feel comfortable and want to gather (she is from Sweden and hosts lots of out-of-town guests on the reg). You don't need a traditional sofa, coffee table, and TV to make a living room complete. Try thinking about how you really want to use the space, instead of letting expectations (or Pinterest) influence what the space should be!

MrKate_Miminal_StylingLivingroom (9 of 11)MrKate_Miminal_StylingLivingroom (2 of 11)Tip 3: Mix and match like a master!

This foldable side table, thrift store art, and colorful bouquet are all temporary touches that can be taken in and brought out, continuing the casual atmosphere of the room, and also giving it perpetually creative potential! The white, minimalist base of the design means that no matter what new find you come home with from the thrift store (like Sofia's art/frames) or flea market, it will work well with your decor. Also notice that the wall-mounted Mantis Lamp from CB2 becomes a sculptural element and is a great wall sconce option for those Scandinavian-design-loving renters out there!

Love it all! Please pin away and let us know what you think in the comments! xo MrKate_Miminal_StylingLivingroom2 (1 of 1)

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