Design Showcase: Natalie's Cozy Eclectic Montana Living Room


We already know from her contributions on the blog that my friend Natalie Archer knows her way around a kitchen. But homegirl clearly knows her way around home decor, too! Just look at her Montana home's living room, filled with lush textures, rustic colors, and the kind of curated warmth that would make you never want to leave!

But we're not here to just sit and admire, we're here to be inspired! So I analyzed some takeaway tips from Natalie's lovely nest, and a shoppable carousel so you can take some literal things away too!

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Tip 1: Introduce Old to New / Compliment and Contrast

The most eye-catching element of Natalie's living room is her on-trend, new graphic black and white fireplace (which they re-tiled after they bought the house with cement tiles like these), which you can see from the open kitchen. If you don't have a fireplace with this modern design, you could use wallpaper to give it some of that trendy geometry! To compliment this bold feature, Natalie hung a piece of modern, minimalist art in a black frame, which echoes the color palette and angles found in the mantle.

To contrast the modern style of the tile and art, Natalie's midcentury vintage (old) sideboard and chaise lounge (both thrift store finds!) find a tie-in in the wood above the graphic black and white fireplace. Though the furniture has a different tone and finish than the piece on the fireplace, the repetition of these two styles helps the modern and the midcentury all flow and fit together in one space.


Tip 2: Go Gold in your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls, like Natalie's here, are a fantastic way to use wall space in a way that encourages personalization and practicality for room you have available. There are a few keys to a gallery wall that is truly museum-worthy, and Natalie hits them all.

First, it's nice if the pieces you're displaying all relate in some way - notice the repetition of gold frames. They don't need to explicitly fit within the same color family, but having a similar aesthetic or vibe helps the wall look intentional, and greatly emphasizes its effect. Natalie's wall features a mix of word art, adventure-themed pieces, and pretty photos of her and her husband. For anyone who has met Natalie, this wall definitely tells the story of her and where she is in life perfectly!

Second, a common pitfall of the gallery wall is that everything has to be A) rectangular, and B) framed. While uniformity is nice and pulls things together, try throwing in a piece or two with an unconventional shape, like the A 0r the round pieces to the side, for interest and a touch of eclectic design.

The tufted couch brings in the tufted look from the near-by chaise and the gold potted plant on the ottoman ties in the frames. The overall color palette is neutral with some soft greens and pinks which let the moments of black and white really pop. What a great space!

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