DIY 'A Hot Glue Gun Mess' Jeweled Crown



Many of you have asked me about the DIY jeweled crown I'm wearing on the cover of A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects and I thought I'd celebrate the book being out for a week (tomorrow) with a DIY post! The book has been getting so many glowing comments and reviews from many of you which is soooooooooo awesome! I love that you all are laughing at the unfiltered stories and of course, getting inspired by the 50 DIY projects! If you haven't yet, get your copy here.

This crown is really easy to make and very lightweight. I love how it's minimal while still being bling-y - it's the perfect hipster queen crown. I think a crown like this is lovely for a party or night out on the town because...#whynot!?

For another fun crown tutorial, check out: 'DIY Lace Crown'


Prep It:

MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-2 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-3 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-4 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-5 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-6 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-7 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMCrown-8

Do It!:

  1. Bend the wire into a zig-zag crown shape that fits around your head. Remember to make the points and then the bottom area squared so that all the bottoms run along the same "band" horizontal line which will be the part that goes arond your head.
  2. Once the crown shape is complete, cut the wire leaving enough to wrap the wire in a twist to connect the two sides (see photo above). Use the wire cutters or a pair of pliers to tuck in the ends to they're not sharp.
  3. Glue the rhinestones onto the crown using a dab of E600 - I like to use the pear-shaped stones at the peak of each crown spire and the round, square and oval stones places sporadically elsewhere.
  4. Let dry and style with whatever makes you feel like a queen!






#AHotGlueGunMess #mrkate

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