DIY artist paint floral nail art

Treat your nails like tiny canvases! I love the look of hand painted flowers, anything that looks organic and "sketched" really tickles my fancy. This hand-painted, floral nail art is easy, I promise! Don't get intimidated by it's beauty (haaa) the technique of using the artist acrylic paint and the tiny brush is actually really forgiving. Unlike regular nail polish, the acrylic paint doesn't run so you can just get your little dots down for your petals and a few swipes for your stems and leaves and ta da, you're ready for the Louvre (silent eeee). Watch the video above for the full tutorial and my bad French accent…also, don't get nightmares from my tiny soul patch, sometimes a girl forgets to shave!

Prep It:
  • nail polish for base aka your canvas - I chose white
  • acrylic paint from the art or crafts store in the colors of your choice
  • thin, tapered paint brush
  • clear nail polish top coat
  • piece of paper or paper plate to use as your pain palette
  • cup of water


  1. Paint 1 or 2 coats of your base coat and let dry fully
  2. Lay out your paint colors in little dollops on your paper plate
  3. Dunk your paintbrush in water to taper it into a nice point
  4. Start painting with your main (outer) flower color - I used bright pink- and paint little lines/dots in kind of a spiral pattern to create a rose look - don't try to make it perfect!
  5. Fill in your flower with some dots of your inner flower color - I used yellow **rinse your brush in the water in between each color so the colors don't blend too much
  6. Create the stem or leaf with your green by drawing little lines and/or tear-drop leaf shapes around your flowers
  7. Repeat with all your colors for a second coat if you want more dimension
  8. Let the art paint dry and seal with 1 or 2 coats of nail polish top coat

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