DIY beauty: messy bun up-do

this bun is so messy it doesn't really look like a bun, hence i am referring to it as an 'up-do'. i had my hair like this the other day and this woman walked by and stopped me to say, "I love your hair, I've always wanted my hair to look like that...did you do it yourself?" i thought, 'errr this? it's like the messiest thing ever, of course i Did It Myself (DIM)!' of course i instead said, "thank you so much! yes i did this myself, it's super easy!" this disheveled bad hair day 'do' i accidentally stumbled upon a while ago while trying to disguise my messy-ass hair so i didn't have to wash it. since i love the look and get soo many compliments whenever i wear it, i thought it might be worth a tutorial for all of you so you too can DIM/DIY it if you like it too!

Prep It:

  • hair elastic
  • bobby pins
  • hair brush or tease comb (optional if you need body)
  • hair spray
  • curling iron (optional if your hair is already curly)
  1. tease the roots of your hair to get some lift at the crown and towards your hairline. if your hair isn't curly, curl the ends of some pieces.
  2. gather the top part of your hair into a super messy ponytail bun. leave a layer of hair down all the way around your head at your hairline (this will go up later) use the hair elastic to create the ponytail bun - the kind where you wrap the elastic around and for the last time around with the elastic, don't pull your hair all the way through so some is still in a loop and some stray pieces are out (watch the video above for this step for visual reference).
  3. take the remaining layer of hair that's been left down (not in the original ponytail) and pin pieces of it up towards the base of the elastic and bun. this is the opportunity to really make it look like a full hair do and messy with different pieces of hair hanging down. tip: leave some slack in these pieces that you pin to the top of your head so it gives the illusion of body in your hair.
  4. curl some of the tendrils, with the curling iron, at your hairline and any others that are left out, you may want to pull some more down or pin some more up, depending on how disheveled you want it to look.
  5. optional: pin some of the face framing pieces up diagonally across the top of your head so there is no clear part in the pieces that are hanging down by your face.
  6. seal with hairspray (optional)

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