DIY braided sock bun

I like big BUNS and I cannot lie! After the success of my DIY Sock Bun video and post, I felt inspired to update the sock bun look for you all with a DIY Braided Sock Bun! Braids add texture and dimension to the beloved, meaty bun... get more DIY braid inspiration here!

It's true, you know you have a hit YouTube video on your hands (we're over 2 million views currently) when you're getting a ton of negative comments, mostly from people who can't spell... We thought it would be fun to read through a few of them before we started shooting the actual braid tutorial. The general consensus of the negative comments is that: 1. I'm annoying - I agree, I've been saying that for yeeeears, finally some people concur! 2. I seem like I'm drunk or possibly high on drugs - Well, this point relates somewhat to complaint #1, I mean, drunk people are annoying, right? However, I am naturally annoying, I do enjoy a nice dirty martini, but never during the work day or while doing my hair...I like the messy look but not the hot sloppy mess look. Oh, and also, I don't do drugs duuuuuh, they're illegal, silly and totes bad for you. 3. That I'm childish or "like a drunk 4 year old" which brings in point number 2 with the drunk thing and as far as the kid accusation, thank you! I feel very lucky to have a job that makes me giddy like a child, I only wish the same for all of you!

Don't get me wrong, the majority of the comments on the original sock bun video are positive, which I appreciate all of your support and kind words. I'm unusually not phased by negative comments, I think I developed a thick skin as a pre-teen when I first started dressing "crazy" and getting called a "hooker" for my penchant for booty shorts and vinyl. I've always been a confident person and my first reaction to negativity, especially from strangers, is to think ill of the person saying it, not, 'sucks for you that you're unhappy in your own life that you fill your time with spewing negativity.' In my mind they're slobbery, angry troll people with really hairy moles on their gnarled noses and clumsily type they're pathetic insults while grunting and drooling. I guess it's similar to the notion of easing your nervousness by imagining everyone naked...which I've never done, I'm inclined to the curmudgeon-troll variety of mind mirages.

Enough about me, let's get braiding!

Prep It:
  • hair elastics
  • sock (with the toe cut off and rolled into a bagel shape) - how to for that part here.
  • scissor - for the sock bagel part
  • bobby pins
  1. put hair up in ponytail on top of head (a little messy if you like that look!)
  2. put rolled sock around ponytail down at the base around the elastic with hair pulled through the center of the sock
  3. divide ponytail like a little fountain around the sock
  4. braid little strands from the center down the length of your hair - do as many braids as you want!
  5. place the elastic around the hair and the sock, creating the bun shape. tip: pull out the bun a little to plump it up...make sure you can see those braids!
  6. take a chunk of the hair that is sticking out still and braid it into a chunkier braid
  7. un-do the remaining braids that are not part of the bun and wrap the remaining pieces of loose hair around the bun and secure with bobby pins
  8. using the bigger braid, wrap it around the base of the bun to conceal the elastic and secure with more bobby pins

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