DIY Minimalist Butt Print Art

Whether you're 18 or 81, there is something undeniably funny about butts. (Don't deny it!) As Grace Helbig said during OMG We're Coming Over, "we all have them, and they're all unpredictable."

Channeling the hilarity of the Holy Trinity (Grace, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart), and harnessing their — ahem — *assets*, we managed to make the one thing out of butts that I haven't seen yet: modern, minimalist wall art! Finger painting was so first grade, you guys. We've graduated to full on booty printing.

Prep It:

Canvas Leggings Gray paint Small roller Butts!

Do It!:

  1. Unless you're bold enough to go bare butt against the canvas, don some cheap leggings to paint on and dispose of after the DIY.
  2. You'll definitely need at least one friend for this DIY, if not for their fellow butt print, then to help roll the paint onto your booty! Use a small roller and focus on the cheeks, avoiding the crack as much as possible.
  3. Stand your canvas up against the wall and gently press your butt against it. If you put too much weight into it, your butt print will look a little like you sat down in a mess, and we want to keep this artistic!
  4. Whether you're good with one butt print, or want to populate your canvas with a few more — it's up to you!
  5. When the prints are dry, build a frame for the canvas following the steps in this tutorial!

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