DIY Minimalist Plywood Shelf Headboard

Minimalist design is all about keeping it simple, but that doesn't mean your design can't still be modern and unique! A lot of headboards tend to add a lush vibe to a room (especially if they are fabric-covered or tufted), but I find that for a more industrial design there is nothing better than natural wood — just look at the wood platform bed from MyLifeAsEva's room!

For those who want that organic, industrial look, but don't have worlds of experience wielding power tools, this DIY headboard is the perfect way to get the look! See it in action in the DIY Budget-Friendly Headboards for Every Design Style video!

Prep It:

4'x8' plywood board 3/4" thick plywood board (no specific size necessary here, just long enough to make shelves!) Power saw (optional — your local hardware store can also cut for you) Structural wood screws Power drill

Do It!

  1. Measure the size of the shelves you would like out of the smaller piece of plywood. Keep in mind the length of the screws you have, so you don't make the shelves too short! We made two shorter shelves to act as nightstands, and a longer shelf above for more decoration and storage! They were all the same depth.
  2. Use a power saw, or have the local hardware store assist you in cutting these pieces.
  3. Measure 3 holes, equally distanced, on each of the shorter shelves and drill with a 6 inch drill bit. Trace/ mark the placement of these holes on a piece of paper and use this as a map to drill the same holes onto the larger plywood piece.
  4. Follow step 3 for the larger shelf, except using 5 holes!
  5. Decide the placement of your shelves onto the plywood piece, considering bed position and height! Mark where the matching holes should be for the shelves and drill them into the plywood piece.
  6. Working from behind the plywood piece now, attach the shelves by screwing structural wood screws through the holes in the board and into the length of the shelves.
  7. Make sure all your screws are tight and in place, prop your headboard up against the wall, and enjoy your new set up!

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