DIY chalkboard with painted frame

Mr. Kate intern/Content Creatress, Emma, wanted to paint a piece of her bedroom wall with chalkboard paint so she could make visible to-do lists, and inspirational quotes, reminders, etc. Instead of just painting a random rectangle we thought it would be cool to frame it somehow to make it stand on it's own as a decorative element. So Emma decided on a hand-painted, scrolly frame design which she sketched with pencil and painted with acrylic craft paint.

Our obsession with chalkboard paint continues - we also love it on pumpkins, wine glasses, and even a serving platter!

Prep It:
  • chalkboard paint (can be found at home depot)
  • metallic acrylic paint (we used gold)
  • high-density paint roller
  • roller tray
  • small paint brushes
  • painter's tape
  • pencil

  1. using the painter's masking tape, make the outline of your chalk board by using 4 pieces of tape creating a square or whatever shape you want. use a level, measuring tape or your eyeballs to make sure it's straight
  2. put the chalk board paint in the roller tray and start painting! (hint: be careful not to put too much paint on the roller at once so it doesn't splatter outside your square!)
  3. wait 4 hours before you do the next coat of paint (these instructions are also on the paint box)
  4. once the paint is dry you can you remove the tape
  5. using a pencil, draw the frame. hint: for inspiration or frame guidelines, just look at different pictures of frames, pick your favorite and reference back to it as you draw.
  6. using the acrylic paint, paint over the pencil markings of your frame, use two coats or until you can't see the pencil
  7. wait 4 days before you write on the wall with chalk
  8. 4 days later... write on your new framed chalk board and get organized and inspired!

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