DIY Cloud Arc Lamp

Between the rainbow, the sun, and the rainbow rain of the DIY Drip Paint Wall, Jessie Paege's apartment is pretty much a study in meteorological decor! Of course, the spread wouldn't be complete without our fluffy pals Stratus, Cirrus, and Cumulus joining in on the fun.

These DIY clouds are not only very simple to make (and even upcycle from an old pillow, and some fishing wire if you have it!), but they add an irreplaceably whimsical touch to the room. If you don't have the right lamp to hang them off of, this project would also be lovely as a hanging mobile!

Prep It:

Arched floor lamp (or any lamp with a shade that has a spider fitter) Poly-fil Nylon string Scissors

Do It!:

  1. To make your little clouds, group together some poly-fil and "sew" it together by winding the nylon string around and through it. I recommend trying to wind your string through the cloud as much as possible, so the exteriors remain fluffy and without any fibers showing. But if they do have to show, they're clear, so it's no big deal!
  2. Repeat step 1 to create as many little clouds as you need for your lamp. Take into account the type and size of your lamp — since we were working with a tall floor lamp, I was able to make bigger clouds. If you are doing this project for a table lamp, you might want to make your clouds a wee bit smaller.
  3. Leave a length of about 2 feet of string from your cloud. Working one cloud at a time, tie the string to one of the legs of the spider fitter, and snip any excess string. Vary the height of the clouds so they can hang free and whimsically!

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