DIY Faux Brick Backsplash

For a lot of homeowners, and for every renter, your backsplash is what it is. It was a decision made long before your residence, and you can come to terms with it ... or you can use this awesome DIY to cover it up with something much more your style.

This project is a great way to customize your kitchen, creating a faux finish that is great for a modern barn house style, like this kitchen was, or something more vintage-inspired, as well! You can also switch up the texture of the panel you use to create a different effect completely!

Prep It:

Faux brick panel Circular saw Jig saw Sandpaper White chalk paint Paintbrush Liquid Nails Trim Caulk

Do It!:

  1. Measure each of the spaces you want to cover in your faux brick backsplash and use a circular saw to cut the panel down to pieces those sizes.
  2. For each of those pieces, measure to where any light switch panels or outlets are on the wall, and mark that onto the piece. Use a jig saw to cut out a space for the panel or outlet.
  3. Sand down all of the sawed edges on all of your faux brick pieces.
  4. Start painting your faux brick pieces. I used a chalk paint because I liked the matte finish. I painted the grout area of the brick panel with one coat, and the bricks themselves with two for a more natural effect that covered up all of the red.
  5. When all of your brick panels are dry, dab your liquid nails along the back of the panel. Press the panel up against the wall, then pull it off and wait for a minute, letting the adhesive dry. Then, push it back into place on the wall and press firmly! It will stay in place.
  6. When all your panels are in place, it's time for the finishing touches. If you'd like to add a trim around your backsplash, cut the trim down the the correct size and paint it if needed. Use the liquid nails to attach it to the wall on the edge of your backsplash.
  7. If there are any seams between panels of backsplash that you'd like to conceal, use a little paintable grout between them and smooth the seam.

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