DIY Gift Buckets

Every year, it's a challenge to find new ways to wrap presents. It's a fun challenge, don't get me wrong. It's more like a mind teaser. I see all the items and all the pretty packaging in front of me and find new ways to combine them and create tempting treats my friends and family can't wait to open.

This year, Target challenged me to "Hack the Giftset," or basically, wrap the most epic gift ever. I focused on beauty-themed presents, since they're a great go-to for the ladies in your life, and often come in adorable little packages or sets. Then, I deconstructed the sets and bundled them all together in amazing, magical gift buckets.

I personalized each bucket, both in gift selection and in styling, for some of the fantastic women in my life — my mom, my sister, my grandma, and my friend. What's so great about this DIY gift idea is that you can truly tailor it to the individual, and not sacrifice thoughtfulness in the process of saving time and money. Can you say YAY?! I can't wait for the holidays to come so I can see how excited they are to get their new Beauty Buckets ... that is, if they haven't watched this video yet!!! Oh no! MOM, AVERT YOUR EYES!

MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (56 of 64)

MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (4 of 64)MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (9 of 64)MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (16 of 64) Prep It:

Wrapping Supplies: Galvanized Buckets Gift Tags Twine Ribbon Wrapping PaperTissue Paper Draw-tie bags Pink tape

Gifts: Eyeshadow kit Brush kit Nail polish set Pixi lipstick Pixi eyeliner White gloves Laneige set Glitter set Ceramic ornaments Wing bowls Copper mini mugs Plate set Cutting board

MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (56 of 64)MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (41 of 64)MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (38 of 64)MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (14 of 64)

MrKate_Target_Beauty_Giftbaskets (64 of 64)


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