DIY glitter backdrop


Last week at BeautyCon Texas we set up a booth with a DIY glitter backdrop painted on a white cloth. It was a hit with a bunch of people and we took some process shots so we could share it with you all for your own DIY needs. I think a glitter backdrop like this would be great at a party, wedding, photo booth, etc.

To see how I made the rug in the photo above check out 'DIY #WhyNot Rug' and to see my outfit and get the debts check out 'OOTD Mechanics Shortalls'


Prep It:






Do It!:

  1. Tape down the plastic drop cloth and lay your white cloth over, taping down the corners to secure
  2. Use the paint roller to paint the backdrop gold. Let dry.
  3. Mix a lot of glitter in with Mod Podge in a disposable container. We kept adding glitter to the Mod Podge until it was a very shimmery concoction.
  4. Use the sponge brush paint the glitter mixture over the (dried) gold painted cloth. Let dry.
  5. Fill in sections that are lacking glitter with your Mod Podge mixture until the backdrop is completly covered or you may just want to do an entire second coat.
  1. Spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive and let dry for about 5 minutes or until tacky.
  2. Stick the stencil onto the (fully dry) backdrop and roll the paint over it. (TIP: always come at the stencil from above, if you push at the sides paint is likely to seep through giving you a rough edge.)
  3. Let dry and remove your stencil!

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