DIY Glittery Mountain Painting

How are these for purple mountain majesties? Those lyrics might be from the song America the Beautiful, but actually this glam and glittery landscape was inspired by Colombia, where Paula Galindo (AKA PauTips) is from!

As with most of my wall art DIYs, this project doesn't require any formal painting technique, just some taping, sponging, and glittering! Check out the supplies and steps below!

Prep It:

Canvas Wall paint (lighter shades for the base mountain shapes and slightly darker shades for the texture) Glaze Medium Mod Podge (Gloss finish) Gold glitter Painters tape Paintbrush Natural sponge

Do It!:

  1. Use the painter's tape to create a triangle shape at the bottom of the canvas. Remember you will need to paint these in stages because your painter's tape will overlap into your adjacent mount shape, we started with the front pink mountain because that was the biggest shape and then we worked backwards and did the small blue mountain at the front last. Make sure to let the paint dry in between since you'll need to tape over your previous painted mountain for the next shape. These shapes don't need to be symmetrical and perfect — they are mountains, after all, and nature is rarely precise! You can follow the same general design that I did, or make your own!
  2. Mix glaze medium with each of the slightly darker paint colors you plan to use for the texture. I usually do a 1 to 1 ratio.
  3. Taping off your first mountain shapes, use the natural sponge to dab the glaze-paint combination onto the mountain. I found it helpful to break the sponge into smaller pieces so I didn't risk going over the tape lines.
  4. Let that paint dry and repeat step 5 until you have sponge painted all of our mountains.
  5. Mix together the gold glitter and mod podge. Tape off a small triangle at the peak of each mountain and paint the glittery mixture on it. You might want to do multiple coats of the glitter mixture to get nice thick glitter coverage. Let dry between coats and let dry fully before removing the tape!
  6. Follow this DIY tutorial to create a custom frame around your canvas! Get creative and paint the wood a bright corresponding color like we did!

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