DIY Cloud Baby Mobile

A baby's nursery decor is so important, because it's the first home they will know, and the little details you include will help shape them as a human (while giving them bountiful comfort and wonder.) When I designed a DIY for Colleen's nursery, I wanted something that fit the calm, white vibe of the room, but had a touch of whimsy to enchant her child! This mobile was the perfect creation, since, if there ever is an age that it's good, even great to have your head in the clouds — it's infancy!

Prep It:

Gold ring White felt Stuffing White embroidery thread Needle Scissors Hot Glue gun and Glue Sticks Monofilament

Do It!:

  1. Start by creating your clouds! Cut out a cloud shape out of felt, then trace it (or freehand cut) and cut a second identical cloud.
  2. Thread a needle with some embroidery thread and sew the two cloud pieces together around the edges. When you've sewn about 75% of the way around your cloud, stop!
  3. Grab some stuffing and plump up your little cloud through the opening you haven't sewed yet. Stuff to your desired fluffiness!
  4. Sew your cloud closed! Tie off the remaining thread and cut the loose ends.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to create a few more clouds for the mobile ... try changing up the size and shape to make it more unique!
  6. When you're ready to hang your clouds, tie a piece monofilament to the cloud by looping it through some of your stitches. Tip: Monofilament can be hard to tie in a tight knot depending on the weight of the thread so I used some hot glue to make sure the knots were secure. Make sure you leave a nice long piece so you can hang the cloud the length you want from the ring.
  7. When you've attached monofilament to each cloud, tie the loose ends to the gold ring, varying the lengths that the clouds will hang down. Use hot glue to reinforce the knots around the ring and snip off the excess with scissors.
  8. Now, tie 4 equally long (about 3-4 feet) strings of monofilament (or we used waxed white cotton thread) to the gold ring. Measure up about a foot and knot them together, making sure you're using an even amount of each string so the mobile doesn't hang on a tilt.
  9. Twist or braid the remaining monofilament together, tie off at the end, and use this rope to hang the mobile from a hook in the ceiling!

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