DIY Herringbone Wood Wall

While not everything about preparing for a baby is easy, fortunately for us and soon-to-be-mama Colleen, creating a herringbone wood wall is!! Using peel and stick wood panels to create this repeating pattern, I'm here to tell you — where there's a will, there is wood, and there is a way. Read on for supplies and steps!

Prep It:

Peel and stick wood planks Laser level Chop saw

Do It!:

  1. Measure the length of your wall, and determine the center point. Set up your laser level to project a vertical line up the center point of your wall, since it's best to work from the middle to the sides to ensure a sense of symmetry!
  2. When you're set up, start with two wood panels at the bottom of the wall. Peel off the backing and apply them to the wall, meeting in an upside down V (or a chevron pattern) at the laser line. The bottom corners of each piece should be touching the moulding or bottom of the wall, depending on your room.
  3. Continue working up the wall in this pattern, making sure to firmly press down on each piece of wood so it is secure on the wall.
  4. When you've built a strip up to the ceiling (don't worry about the gap spaces yet), move the laser level over so the edge of one side becomes the new center line. Attach wood planks to meet those planks in an alternating pattern (so creating a V this time.)
  5. Continue these steps until you've covered as much of the wall as you can with the full sized planks. Measure the size planks you need to fit into the remaining open spaces and cut the planks down with a chop saw to the smaller sizes.
  6. Fill in the wall with the smaller plank pieces, make sure once more that each plank is secure on the wall, and you're finished!

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