DIY holy shirt!

Holy shirt this DIY is so easy! I know, I know, some of you may be asking, "Why you wanna put holes in your shirt on purpose?" or "It looks like some mice feasted on your shirt!" But for those of us that equate holes in shirts with that comfy and stylishly disheveled look, this DIY is for you! I remember when I was little, my dad having these shirts that were so old and worn there were holes everywhere - he used to wear them as pajamas. When I got older I would steal them and wear them around - so I guess this is the DIY extension of those authentic beat up t-shirts of days past.

We cut these t-shirts into muscle shirts because apparently that's all I feel like wearing these days (probably because of my huuuuge muscles) - but you can leave the sleeves on, if you prefer the T part of your T-shirts intact.

Prep It:
  • cotton t-shirt (you can find cheap ones at Forever 21, Target, the Goodwill, etc. or use an old shirt you want to upcycle)
  • scissors
  1. lay the shirt out flat, facing up, and cut off the entire sleeve - this is optional if you don't want a muscle tee
  2. fold the shirt in half, aligning the corners so the sides are mirroring each other, and cut off the second sleeve following where you cut the first one. this way they will be even on both sides!
  3. pick an area where you want a cluster of holes to be (we started at the top right corner and went from there)
  4. make a small horizontal fold in the fabric, and keep it together with your other hand, then cut along the top of that fold creating a hole
  5. you can do all different sizes and placement, be creative!
  6. to create the tiny holes, make a vertical fold, and just snip a very small slit into the fabric
  7. stick your fingers in the holes to stretch them out (that's what she said) and fray the edges
  8. hint: oversized shirts work well! if they are too long, cut the bottom off along the seam. dont cut them too short because it will curl up!
  9. hint: after you are done cutting your perfectly placed holes, wash the shirt to help with the "distressed" look - it will further fray the edges of the holes and make it even more holey! Praise DIY!

Worn with DIY spiked shorts

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