DIY Hula Hoop Canopy


A hula hoop canopy is the perfect way to bring some chic visual interest to your space without breaking the bank!

To watch the video this DIY was featured in, check out Before and After: Bedroom on a Budget!


Prep It:

  • hula hoop
  • rod pocket curtain panels
  • white spray paint
  • twine
  • bolt cutters (if your hula hoop doesn't come apart like mine did)
  • strong tape like duct tape (if your hula hoop doesn't come apart)
  • screw hook and anchor to mount canopy to ceiling




Do It!:

  1. If your hula hoop doesn't come apart like mind does at the light attachments, cut the hula hoop to open it up so you may slide on the rod pocket curtain panels later. Tip: If you have a queen or king sized bed you may want to leave the hula hoop the original size but if you have a full or twin bed it will look better if you cut down your hula hoop to be a smaller ring (like I did).
  2. Spray paint the hula hoop. Let dry.
  3. Feed the curtain panels through the hoop and re-attach the opening using strong tape.
  4. Tie the twine around the hoop in between the panels to affix the hoop up to the ceiling, or make holes in the curtain panels to feed the twine through to affix the canopy to the ceiling. If you have 3 pieces of twine in a teepee shape going up to the hook on the ceiling it will be more stable.
  5. Let the curtain panels hang down on the sides or behind your bed and voila!


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