DIY Letter Bead Braid


I'm a child of the 90's so I used to love hair wraps... do you guys remember those? I used to DIY them in my friends' hair using embroidery thread and sometimes beads. In honor of fun hair DIYs I gave myself a combo hair wrap meets braid meets hair chalk for a fun summer accessory!

For more tips on chalking your hair, check out 'DIY Colorful Pastel Chalk Tips Hair Tutorial'

MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-18MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-13MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-0 Prep It: MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-3MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-4MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-5MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-6MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-2MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-7MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-8 MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-10MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-11 MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-12 Do It!:
  1. If using the hair chalk, prep the hair you want to braid by rubbing the hair chalk over it until it turns the desired color. Tip: go with the hair to avoid damaging and if you have dark hair, wetting your hair or the chalk will make the pigment stronger.
  2. Pick out the word or phrase you want to use in your braid.
  3. Option 1: Braid the letters into the braid by starting the braid and inserting a bead every couple hair overlaps to secure the beads within the braid - Tip: wet the ends of your hair for easier insertion through the hole of the bead. Seal the braid with a small, clear elastic.
  4. Optoin 2: Braid a thin braid and insert the entire braid into the holes of the bead and seal with a clear elastic. If you want the beads to stay higher up on the braid, use a second elastic wrapped around the entire braid beneath the beads to act as a stopper.
  5. Re-chalk your braid if some color came off while braiding.
  6. Rock that shizzz.
MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-16 MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-15 MrKate_DIY_BeadedBraid-14

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