DIY jeweled socks

In my opinion, it is acceptable to add bling to anything from head to toe, so socks were a logical next step! Using sew-on rhinestones (I know, I don't usually sew) I added a row of bling to a cute pair of ankle socks so I can rock them with my socks and sandals looks this summer!

Watch the video above for the sitcom-esque tutorial and get to sprucing up your sock drawer!

Prep It:
  • sew-on rhinestone jewels - I orded mine online here
  • pair of socks
  • needle and thread to match socks

Ohhhh Roxanne!

  1. plan your layout on your socks - I chose to do a sporadic placement with different shaped rhinestones but you could do a more ordered pattern or make a flower, etc.
  2. sew on your rhinestones using the needle and thread - tip: double up your thread and tie a knot before you start sewing so you don't have to thread it through as many times for a secure bond to the socks. sew them like you would a button, making sure you feed the thread through each hole in the rhinestone setting.
  3. wear them!

DIY Sock Bun!

Outfit Deets:
  • dress: Forever 21 dress (I cut shorter)
  • belt: Forever 21
  • socks: Topshop
  • shoes: Zara
  • wiener dog clutch: Patch NYC by Ross & Carney

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