DIY Daily Affirmation White Board

Lately, I have started using #positivityseeking to describe my new life outlook. I'm taking each day as a mission to find the good, happy, silly, inspiring moments, instead of getting caught up dwelling on the stressful or negative. It's not always easy, but it's usually fun, and definitely worth it.

When decorating Lilly Singh's (i.e. IISuperwomanII) bedroom, I wanted to give her a little inspiration station of her own to put her good thoughts and intentions into her day, and incorporate some of that text art that she loves so much.

Instead of setting her up with a literal whiteboard, I DIY-ed a whiteboard-esque display with white paper, a white mat, and a white picture frame. The glass top of the frame is perfect for dry erase markers, letting Lilly fill in the prompt she decided "Today I will create" with a new idea anytime it crosses her mind!

Prep It:

White paper White mat White frame Wood letters Black paint Paintbrush Hot glue gun Dry erase marker Binder clips

Do It!:

  1. Get inspired for the sentence of your positive wall art. It can be any verb, almost any sentence! Think of what you want to set yourself up to do, then find the letters in the words that correspond.
  2. Keeping the overlap of the mat in mind, lay out your letters on the white paper. I found it helpful to take a picture to remember the exact placement for the gluing step! It's important to do this part before painting, in case you change your mind about what you want it to say or don't like the way the words are laying, so you don't end up repeating the process twice!
  3. When you have decided and committed yourself mentally to your saying, paint your wood letters black (or any other color!)
  4. After the letters have dried, hot glue them to the paper, in the arrangement that you had set up before.
  5. Add your mat, frame your paper, and hang this up on the wall!
  6. Nail a binder clip or two next to the frame to hold your dry erase markers, so you'll never have to go far to keep replenishing your inspiration!

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