DIY quickie spring glitter and 3d nail art gel mani

i wanted to share a Quickie on my second DIY gel manicure with you. it is inspired by Spring colors! check out my first DIY gel manicure and full tutorial here.

i experimented with the 3d decorative nail art rods/canes - which you can read more about here along with my other gel and nail art manicure supplies suggestions.

Prep It:

  • clear gel polish
  • LED light (with other gel basics: gel cleanser, lint free pad, gel primer)
  • buffer
  • loose glitter - mine are by Fanta Sea
  • dry paint brush or fan brush
  • decorative 3d nail art rod - mine are by M.A.S.H and i got them on Amazon
  • exacto knife or razor blade
Do It!:
  1. prep your nails for a gel manicure using the buffer, gel cleanser and the gel primer - see the step by step here.
  2. paint a coat of clear gel polish and sprinkle with a layer of loose glitter - i used a different color for each nail.
  3. cure the clear/glitter coat under the LED light for 1 minute.
  4. repeat another coat of clear with another sprinkle of glitter and cure for another minute under the light.
  5. buff your nails with a light buffer to smooth any rough glitter patches
  6. paint with one more coat of clear gel to bring back the shine and seal - cure for one minute under the light.
  7. using your sharp exacto or razor, slice a thin slice off your decorative rod/cane for each finger you want to add 3D art. i used a daisy.
  8. stick your 3D art on your nail using a nice thick coat of clear gel (it may seem like it will slide but once you cure in the gel it will be stuck) - cure under the light for 1 minute.
  9. paint one last coat of clear gel over your 3d piece to really seal it on and cure one more minute.
  10. cleanse with the gel cleanser on a lint free wipe to remove any stickiness.

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