DIY: spruce up a pair of chairs

joey found these two high-backed chairs on the side of the road. score! we wanted to work them into our Spring Redecoration Project (which has now turned into the Early Summer Redecoration Project), but they were pretty meh in their 'before' state. so with a little black spray paint and a burlap upholstery job, the 'after' is now a happy reality.

Pair of Chairs Re-Vamp - The Tools and Steps:

  • fabric to cover cushions - around 1 square yard per cushion, depending on size.
  • spray paint (one can per chair for optimal coverage)
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • sandpaper (optional)
  1. unscrew the chair cushions from the base
  2. spray paint the wooden chair(s) with your choice of color. i roughed the chairs up a bit with some sand paper before i started painting to make sure the paint would stick. make sure your can of spray paint says it's suitable for wood.
  3. lay your cushion face down on your fabric and cut around it making sure there is ample fabric to wrap around side of cushion (photo 4 above) - much like wrapping a present!
  4. start wrapping your cushion by folding the fabric around the edge of the cushion and securing with staples. work at opposite sides to ensure a snug fit. make sure you keep checking the top side of the cushion to see that the fabric grain is straight, etc. *around the corners make neat folds, like hospital corners to ensure a snug and finished look. remember the bottom of the cushion doesn't matter, it won't show! just concentrate on the top and sides looking perfect.
  5. once you've securely stapled all four sides of the fabric around the cushion, trim the excess from the underside with scissors. allow room for fraying if you're using an unfinished fabric like burlap.
  6. screw the cushion base back onto the freshly painted and dry chair base and voila!

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