DIY Starburst Tree Topper


Though the holiday of Christmas and its many traditions are centuries old, there is one decorative tradition that I loved so much, I wish I came up with it — the star on the top of the tree! If you know my jewelry, you'll know I'm a big fan of stars in general and using them atop things and as accessories.

So it was only fitting that I used one of those celestial designs of mine to inspire a star tree topper! The fun, asymmetrical shape and scattered crystals (replaced in this DIY by twinkle lights) of the Starburst Necklace lent themselves perfectly to some very Mr. Kate tree bling. Here's to new traditions!

supplies_moon_treetopperPrep It:

Thin metal sheet Metal-cutting shears Marker String lights Metal hole punch Tape

Do It!:

  1. Using a Starburst Necklace (or your favorite star-like shape) as your inspiration and guide, draw a star shape onto your metal sheet, then cut it out with the metal shears.
  2. I used the crystals on the Starburst Necklace as inspiration for where to place the lights, drawing on where they should go with a marker, then punching the holes through with a metal hole punch.
  3. Working light by light, push the bulb through the hole in the metal, so it is facing out. This tree topper will have a distinct front and back, so don't worry about making both sides beautiful! Adhere the cords between lights (and also keep your lights in place) by taping them to the back of the star.
  4. When you're done lighting the star up, place it on the top of the tree! If you didn't use the entire string of lights for the topper, continue to run them through the branches of your office-goals-holiday-special-v5-drew-00_01_09_21-still002 office-goals-holiday-special-v5-drew-00_01_11_27-still003mrkate_diy_starburst_treetopper_blog-5 office-goals-holiday-special-v5-drew-00_02_49_12-still004mrkate_diy_starburst_treetopper_blog-4 mrkate_diy_starburst_treetopper_blog-3mrkate_diy_starburst_treetopper_blog-7

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