DIY Teepee Tent

This teepee was constructed for the nursery of a very lucky baby girl, soon to be welcomed by the very lovely Rayvin and William, for their Breaking Beige room makeover. She'll grow up within its dreamy, breezy white fabric walls and be able to make memories and forge her own imagination and creativity there.

Yes, like I said, she's lucky. But so are we all! We might not have grown up with boho dream teepees in our rooms, but thanks to this DIY tutorial, you can make one for yourself, your kid, your pet, or any room in your home ... as soon as today! Now that's what I called delayed gratification. Enjoy!

Prep It:

4 6' wood rods Pencil Power drill Twine Hammer Upholstery tacks Large piece of white fabric (a sheet could work in a pinch!) Faux greens Faux flowers Hot glue gun and hot glue

Do It!:

  1. Stand up your rods and loosely assemble them into a teepee form. Where they bundle together at the top, mark each rod with a pencil.
  2. Drill a hole through each rod at the pencil marks. The holes should about line up.
  3. Reassemble the rods in the teepee form and run a piece of twine through the holes, stringing them together. Then, wrap the twine around the narrowest, tightest part of the bundle repeatedly until the teepee is secure on its own.
  4. Grab your fabric and loosely drape around the teepee, leaving the space between two of the rods open for an entry way. When you have the fabric positioned how you like it, use a hammer and upholstery tack to attach it to the frame of the teepee. Make sure you're nailing the fabric to the base of the tent between the legs to it is taught because this is what keeps the base secure and the legs from spreading.
  5. Grab your faux greens and flowers and snip and separate into individual pieces, if you prefer that look. Start glueing sprigs of the faux plants and leaves around the top of the teepee's opening.
  6. When you've adequately added greens to the opening of your teepee, top it off with some flowers, which you can tie on with twine!
  7. Make the inside of your teepee a hospitable habitat with sheepskins, throw pillows, and blankets to cuddle up in!

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