DIY cut-out 'vented' button down

We're transitioning from Winter to Spring and that means maybe getting some new Spring clothes or re-imagining some articles that you already have in your closet, with the warmer weather in mind. So that's exactly what we did with these old button-down shirts. We DIYed our own cut-outs or "vents" to let some steam out...err, cool off....and make them cuter and funkier! What!? I'm tanning my collarbone!

Prep It:
  • button down shirt
  • iron
  • scissors
  • iron-on hem tape (aka stitch witchery)

  • cut a slit (about an inch long) on the top end of the shirt by the collar
  • carefully cut along the shoulder seam going from the collar to the arm seam, and then cut from collar downward along the button seam to the third button - creating an 'L' cut
  • then cut diagonally from the shoulder seam to the third button - creating a triangle out of your 'L' shape
  • make sure to leave around half an inch of fabric to be folded under to hem
  • cut the stitch witchery the length of the shoulder to the third button along the diagonal cut
  • fold the flap of fabric under with the hem tape in between
  • iron over the area per the instructions on the hem tape
  • tip: put a towel inside the shirt to prevent the hem tap from sticking to the other side of the shirt
Styled with:

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