DIY Wallpaper Look For Less

Living in a rental has a lot of perks, but when it comes to major design commitments, it can be a little tricky. Some rentals won't even let tenants screw holes in the walls, and even the nice ones who do would definitely draw all sorts of lines at wallpaper.

Regardless, the patterned appeal of wallpaper is hard to deny. There are removable options, like we used in this room makeover ... or you can DIY a wallpaper lookalike tapestry! What's great about a tapestry like this is that 1) it lets you design your own pattern, and 2) you can take it with you when you move places!

Check out the how-to steps below!

Prep It:

2 yards white fabric for main tapestry Large-scale floral fabric Black fabric Scissors Hot glue gun and hot glue Iron and ironing board Wood dowel

Do It!:

  1. Cut the flowers out of the floral patterned fabric. I chose a pattern that wasn't too repetitive with different types of flower bouquets, so each floral appliqué would be unique. However, if a more homogenous effect is what you're going for, use a fabric with a repetitive pattern!
  2. Cut about 2-inch thick stripes out of the black fabric. You can cut them all at the same length (like I did), or different lengths!
  3. Iron out the main tapestry fabric and each of the pieces before laying out or glueing. You can always iron again after it's done, but you could melt or weaken the glue so do so sparingly and for touch-ups only if you can!
  4. Layout your pattern — stripes first. Use hot glue to adhere the stripes into place.
  5. Repeat step 4 with the flowers.
  6. Roll the top of the tapestry back about an inch or two to create an opening for a dowel rod to go through. Glue this flap into place and then push through the dowel. You can use this dowel to hang your tapestry from the wall.

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