Fall OOTD Round-Up!

Autumn is the season of fantastic foliage, flavored coffee drinks, and, as any September issue that weighs more than my cats put together would tell you — fashion. I tend to think that it's because with cooler temps comes more opportunity for layering, and the more pieces that come into play, the more fun you can have collaging and creating a look that is all new.

Read my fall style OOTD musings and shop some looks below!

This first look is a lesson in the beauty of basics. There is nothing trailblazing about a black tank, some denim joggers, or nude sneakers, but together they pull into a look that is versatile and the kind of effortless that will make you smile because you got to take less time primping in the AM (a form of self-care, if you ask me), and also know that you still look great!

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One of the oft-repeated style rules is to take off the last accessory you put on, to keep a refined and balanced look. Okay. Or ... you can do what I did in this look and add just one (or two) more accessories! With a white tee and black jeans as the foundation of your look, you can pile on head wraps, bracelets to your elbows, colorful sunglasses, and keep going until you feel as celebrated as you want to! When your fundamentals are minimalist, more is more when it comes to accessories.

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Sweatpants as a day look graduates with many people as they graduate college. But ... if you aren't heading to work or a formal occasion, #whynot break them back out and show them how it's done when you're an adult? Pairing an athleisure-oriented pair of sweatpants (we're not talking your worn in/ worn out go-tos for sick days) with a loose tee in a sophisticated color, an elevated hairdo, and some high top sneakers makes you the style envy of everyone too scared to stray from their pant suit.

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Speaking of things collegiate, faux glasses are making a comeback in the 2017 style lexicon, and I'm all about it. Fall is the perfect time of year to embrace this academic-looking trend, as well, since everyone's minds are in that "school is back in session" attitude, even if they've been off campus for a decade. I find that thin, wire-rimmed glasses are a subtler approach than the thick black iterations of Halloweens past.

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There's always a triumphant feeling to finding a way to wear your party shoes while the sun shines (and I don't mean at 6 AM the morning after the party, as you finally make it home.) These velvet green heels are vampy on their own, but pairing them with laid back denim and a patterned (with cats! Catterned??) tee brings them down to earth for an OOTD that has a little extra oomph, but wouldn't look out of place in, say, the supermarket.

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Like Mariah Carey/ probably any human who has lived through the season of spring, I sometimes wish I were a butterfly. Their short lifespan is probably a downside, but those vibrant wings! It's like living with, well ... a floral kimono like this ... permanently on your back. This colorful look is also a lesson to those who buy into the notion that fall = darker colors. Layer up with something a little summery or springtime instead for an unexpected take on autumnal cozy.

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You know what goes well with black? More black. So says New York, Posh Spice, and this outfit right here. Because I can't resist a little color, I added in hints of red, brown, and white to keep this outfit still subdued in hue, but slightly more dynamic than monochrome. I personally find white shoes with an all-black look to be the little touch most people wouldn't think of. Try it with sneakers, too!

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Unlike the look above, the OOTD is planting itself right in the middle of the rainbow, at the intersection of green and blue. Unlike denim jeans, which are often the representative of blue and indigo in daywear, I opted for a dazzling pair of royal blue and bejeweled heels to play off of my foresty fabrics above.

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A Canadian tuxedo! Worn in the middle of Europe! This look may be unsure of which continent it wants to geotag, but the tone-on-tone light wash denim is a refreshing and more fashion-forward take on an all jean look. It says less cowboy and more cool and comfortable. Though, some cowboy boots could be an interesting finishing touch to this look, too!

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