DIY Privacy Window Film

I guess people back in the day never had the problems of peeping toms! Because as beautiful as most vintage houses and their windows are, they aren't exactly private!

We've covered DIY window privacy solutions before, but the film technique gives a very modern, or at least not vintage, effect. When designing this room, I wanted to honor the history of the home and recreate the leaded pattern in the upper window on the larger one and create a little bit of privacy so the kids inside could enjoy sunlight and not the eyes of strangers.

Luckily, it's as easy as 5 supplies and a little bit of elbow grease to give your windows a fully privatized back to the future makeover. Check it out below!

Prep It:

Clear window color Instant lead lines Liquid lead Scissors Plastic spoons

Do It!:

  1. To create the wavy glass look, squeeze out a little of the window coloring and spread around with a spoon to create that wavy texture. Though it's white while wet, it dries clear! You can either go with a traditional texture or get creative and make up your own geometric patterns with the coloring! (Imagine little lines with a plastic fork?!)
  2. For leaded window effect, plan out the design you would like on the window and create that pattern with tape on the outside of the window you're working on. You can either draw inspiration from another window in your home (like we did in this project), look up some pretty patterns online, or create your own!
  3. Use the instant lead lines to recreate this pattern on the correct side of the window. These strips have adhesive backing so you just need to cut, place, and press!
  4. To fill up any gaps between the lead lines and give the true leaded window effect, squeeze a little liquid lead between the pieces of the lead lines.
  5. If you are doing both the wavy technique and the leaded pattern, start with your lead strips, then fill in with the window coloring!

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