DIY Ikea Hack Countertop Desk

This isn't our first rodeo using a countertop as a desk — we created an ideal, affordable workspace in both our office and Lilly Singh's office with this trick. But, this time, instead of just installing a countertop as a desk, we built the desk out of 2 inexpensive Ikea countertops! Yay Ikea hacks!

Yes, 'tis true. All you need are 2 countertops and some power tools to skip the furniture store and make yourself a dream work station with style.

Prep It:

2 countertops Tape measure Wood clamp Power saw (and safety gear) Pocket hole jig L bracket

Do It!:

  1. We cut about 5 inches off of the back of our countertops to help them fit within the smaller space. Measure the depth of the countertop to see if you need to make any adjustments, and cut off any excess as needed with a power saw (or have professionals at a hardware store assist.)
  2. Cut an 8 inch strip off the back of each piece.
  3. Cut one of the large countertop pieces exactly in half. These pieces will be the legs of the desk.
  4. Measure the height of the piece of countertop (should be about 1-2 inches). Double that number and measure that amount in on each of the 8 inch strips. Trim the pieces at those marks. These pieces will now be your supports on the back of the desk.
  5. Time to assemble! You can use a traditional drill and screws if you are okay with the hardware showing. We used a pocket jig to screw together the desk so that the hardware was disguised. The order that you assemble does not matter, but make sure that all pieces are flush in the back, so the desk can fit snug against the wall.
  6. Secure the assembled desk to the wall using an L bracket. This will provide extra stability so you can do all your work without any worries!

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